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Original Cultures ‘Road To Essaouira’ pt.2 - teaser video from Original Cultures on Vimeo.

One year after meeting for the first time in Bologna, Italy, the jazz fusion group Fawda Trio and London-based producers SwamiMillion (aka LV) are in Essaouira, Marocco, to record an album. Hosted by the association Essouira Mogador inside the Dar Souiri cultural centre in the heart of the medina, the two groups are recording new and old songs as well as sessions with local maalem and the sounds of a unique city.

This teaser shows a small taste of the adventure so far.

For more information visit originalcultures.org/road-to-essouira

Edited by Massimiliano Bartolini. Music by Fawda Trio and SwamiMillion. Produced by Original Cultures.

Road to Essaouira Crowdfunding Documentary - Help us get to Morocco! from Original Cultures on Vimeo.

Support the project by donating to the crowdfunding campaign -> igg.me/at/road-to-essaouira

In 2013 Original Cultures began a new journey with the Road to Essaouira project. Today we are asking you - existing and new fans of Original Cultures - to help us complete the journey in the best possible way by donating to a crowdfunding campaign. All funds go to step 2 of the project, taking LV aka SwamiMillion and the Fawda Trio to Essaouira in Morocco to record a collaborative album.

We are seeking to raise E3300 to complete the necessary logistical costs of sending all artists and a team of professionals to Essaouira to record the album.

This video explains the journey so far, including the first meeting between SwamiMillion and Fawda Trio, as well as the campaign and what we will do with the money.

Please visit igg.me/at/road-to-essaouira to donate, read more about what we intend to do, how and why as well as view a list of perks for donations. All perks include a copy of the album.

Audio in this video is from the rehearsals for the live show that SwamiMillion and Fawda Trio played in September 2013 and gives an indication of the vibes we are aiming for with the album.

More information on the project itself can be found at originalcultures.org/road-to-essaouira

Video shot and edited by Massimiliano Bartolini.

Original Cultures ‘Road to Essaouira’ pt.1 - promo trailer 2 from Original Cultures on Vimeo.

Swamimillion and Fawda Trio continue the first leg of their journey to Essaouira. All footage and audio from rehearsals and around the city.

An Original Cultures production.

Live show Saturday 14 September 2013 -> facebook.com/events/176723195848110/?fref=ts

More info -> originalcultures.org/tag/road-to-essaouira/

Road To Essaouira pt.1 - Event trailer from Original Cultures on Vimeo.

Swamimillion x Fawda Trio x Original Cultures. Bologna, September 15 2013. Academia di Belle Arti.

Event page -> facebook.com/events/176723195848110/?ref=ts&fref=ts

An Original Cultures production.

Almighty Sion - The Beat Generation (Trailer) from Original Cultures on Vimeo.

Video trailer for Almighty Sion’s The Beat Generation. Edited and produced by Feel Good Lost.

The Beat Generation is Almighty Sion’s debut and will be released as a limited edition cassette and digital in Spring 2013 on Original Cultures records.

More information at originalcultures.org and facebook.com/almightysion

The guys have gone back. Thanks to everyone who helped, came to the shows and supported. It was a trip #kidsuketour

Bref, on a fait une tournée européenne (at The Finish Line)

Stop! イスタイム 🙏🔥 (at Shockolat)

Just blew up the sushi spot in Knightsbridge わやだだ🙏 (at Zuma Restaurant)